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Black & White Silent Film Era Music Video

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. I had the wonderful pleasure of concepting and executing this piece for Canadian singer/songwriter Pennan Brae as one of our 4 videos we did together last month. The prep involved wasn’t too bad. Our lead actress has an afinity for that period and did her own wardrobe and makeup which really blew me away! Jared’s outfit was a mishmash of period and JC Penny’s shirt & vest which I returned right after the shoot. We could only find a red hat for him but thats the great thing about Black & White. In the end everything is Black & White! and I purchased the piano for $125 and we just ripped the top off to expose the innards . I was stressing a bit on the location leading up to the shoot but at the last minute my grip Robert Slaney found this place…which we poached till the owner showed. He was actually quite grateful and wondered if anyone ever really noticed his turn of the 20th century town he had set up for passers by.

On a side note; in order to acheive the old projector speed we shot the singing shots to the song at 75% then sped it up in post to 150%. In fact the whole video is sped up to 150% to give it the “LOOK”! Back then I don’t think you could control the speed of projectors or they weren’t constant so they would speed up and slow down. that or maybe they shot at 18 frames a second back then which also gives the sped up look when moving through a projector at 24 frames. Anyway, I didn’t do any research on that. just tried to recapture the look. Hope you all enjoy!!


Some of you asked for more Behind The Scenes so here it is. shot by my grip Robert Slaney

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Is the RED ONE a prehistoric dinosaur already?

YES! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Lets talk about the RED ONE! I’ve had the opportunity to rent and work with the RED ONE on several shoots and honestly except for the fact that it really impresses clients; not by the final product but during production is not a reason to use it. It really looks like a real movie camera! Awesome right! yeah I guess. I’ve been working with the Canon DSLR’S now for the past 2 or so years and love how small they are.(keep in mind when the RED ONE came out DSLR’S werent really shooting video yet) You can go almost anywhere and shoot and not cause a big scene. definitely a poachers camera(canon DSLR). And in my personal opinion which is my own and I’m sharing ….I feel as though I wasted time and money when I shot on the RED ONE. Setups seem to take so much longer and there wasn’t a noticeable enough picture change to warrant the use of it again. (These were notes from my clients).You can’t put it on a crane, atleast not an affordable one. My 5D flies like a bird on the Kessler Crane(5K for a turn key setup). I’d be afraid to put a RED on the end of it for fear that the crane may break in half under the weight. I’m not saying the Canon’s are perfect but think of the value. whats the RED ONE cost with all the fixings. $60,000. Somehwere in the neighborhood with lenses,cards,batteries,matte box,veiwfinder, follow focus and on and on and on. I did sound on a few shoots with the RED direct to the camera without a mixer and you’d think they would have put some audio levels outside somewhere on the thing.They didn’t! You have to press about 8 buttons to even get to the audio levels. arghhhh.

As far as ease of use. well it takes a few minutes to power the thing up. and run and gun…well you can’t really say RED and run and gun in the same sentence. Its like carrying an anvil. Handheld? Bring a back brace! Now I know if you’re shooting a feature film which I’ve never done its the way to go. especially for a 4k projection. I mean even in film festivals though the biggest they go is 1080p digital projection. maybe a few IMAX’s in there somewhere. So unless you have a Blockbuster you’re shooting with a heft budget I just don’t see the point. I’m sure its only a matter of time before we start seeing empty RED ONE shells on the walls of production houses. Like a taxidermy’d bass on the wall of a everglades swamp bar.

Anyway, save your money! I know RED has all new Scarlets and Epics coming out but at this point I’m just so thrilled with how well my Canon 5d is shooting I couldn’t think about replacing her. and what would the step up be?? The Scarlet for 8 times the price. thats a pretty huge jump. I’m not saying there aren’t things I dont like about the Canon’s. I could go on and on..but I only paid $2,200 for it. I’ll leave you with a music video I recently finished shooting on the canon 7D and the 5D. I’ve had a few people ask if it was shot on the RED or on another 4K camera. Nope just my little DSLR’S

UPDATE: I just read this on Philip Bloom’s blog about his experience with the EPIC. YIKES!
I have to say there is nothing that sucks more than gear not working on a shoot.


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Oregon Filmmaker at NAB in Las Vegas

Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. ok, I’m doing it . I’m buying my ticket to Vegas and I’m hoping to meet the who’s who of the industry. test some new gear and make a bunch of new friends. Who’s coming with me??? anyway, just throwing it out there. Hoping to meet reps from Kino Flo, Dynamic Perception, Kessler Crane, Sony,canon,Panasonic,Arri and many many more. Especially all the other filmmakers like myself. See you in April!

Please check out my professional site as well FARfromEARTH Films and SLAMSTOCK Our free Stock Footage Website.

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Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly Review

Hello Again everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Sorry I’ve been crazy busy editing these 4 music videos for canadian artist Pennan Brae so I haven’t had a spare second to put together much of a show or tutorial. But…while I’ve been plugged up editing in the bay. I have been gathering some timelapses with my new Dynamic Perception and I have to say this is one of the most amazing pieces of equipment I’ve ever had the chance to use!! I purchased it for around $950 plus when you add on the 2 tripods they recommend and a mount for the camera you are in the $1500 range which in the scheme of things is really nothing at all. I remember when I first saw motion timelapse it was in the film Baraka and I was blown away! It was my favorite film for a while after that. At the time I’m sure the system they used cost a million dollars or somewhere near there. They also shot the film on 70mm with giant cameras. funny how far we’ve come in 10 years. You can do the same thing with a canon 5d (stills in 4k) and dynamic perception stage zero dolly (total cost $4,000) as they did with a millions 10 years back!

As a review; I tell you what I love and what I don’t love but overall this thing is about 100 stars out of 5 in my book.

Lets start with the Cons (there aren’t many):
1.the battery they provided arrived and was dead dead after 2 days(however the customer service is amazing and had a new one in 2 days! thx for that! Hey there is a Lemon in every batch no matter what you get. the fact that replaced it instantly is a PRO!
2. I’ve somehow managed to get the settings I want even though I still feel a bit lost. maybe the menu pages could be a bit more simple. a slightly bigger screen with everything lined up on the left. Sometimes you think you have it right but then the camera dosn’t gp off. so you change your setting but as it turns out the engine may take a few cycles to get the camera and dolly in line. which adds a bit more confusion to my settings. All this said without the Dynamic Perception Instructional Video I would have been way more lost.
1. As far as the service goes I love talking to a company on the phone and really having the person on the other end who understands the questions and what they are selling. These guys are still very mom and pop and it shows. The guy that answers the phone is probably the guy that built and designed it. What they have created is magic and affordable. its only a matter of time before they get so big that we’ll be talking to Bombay customer service agents and these guys will be chillin on small islands sipping Pina Colada’s and shit! kudos to them! Yet another amazing invention that has done what the canon dslr’s did for filmmaking. take us all to another level of production.
2. You can create shots that see the world unlike our eyes. A World under or beside this one we never see or pay any attention to, shadows and all!
3. It really is amazing! I bow down before the incredibly creative feet of the Dynamic Perception team! I’m already thinking I should get another one so I can double down.

Please checkout this quick little test drive of the Dynamic Perception I did while editing other projects. next stop Crater Lake National Park.

Also please lookout for our future tutorial on the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly and some things I’ve learned while shooting on it that can save you time and shots. Which in the timelapse game is everything!

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prepping for the new Mini-Soundstage

Hey everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! I’ve dreamt for many years of having my own studio to shoot in. Something big enough for full body green,black,white screen shooting and a grid to hang lights from. Typically I rent from another company in town who has a great spot for shooting. but I shoot so much that it doesnt make since for me to rent a studio anymore. Plus I want to be able to shoot in a studio at the drop of a hat. As well as for personal projects where i don’t have a budget for a studio. When I did the math it would cost me the same to build my own studio as it would to rent one for 20 days.
Oh yeah and ofcourse think about all the room we’ll have for future Oregon Filmmaker blog shows and more involved lighting techniques.
So there you go! we start excavating in the next week and hope to get a slab in before the California Music Video tour. then return and spend all of April building it!

Well the future has come and today we started clearing the site! I’m so lucky that my grip Robert Slaney is an accomplished builder and craftsman and is working with me on my vision for this 500 sqft. mini-soundstage! Plus I get to learn how to frame and be his assistant! so that works for me!

Mini-Soundstage will go to the right of the lounge & edit bay

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Pennan Brae The First of 4

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Alot going on since the beginning of the week. We started shooting our 4 music videos for Pennan Brae on Sunday the 22nd and now its Saturday the 28th and we’ve actually released one music video! I sent Pennan my first cut and he said; “this one came out of the oven just right!” which meant it was done and ready for prime time. Typically the videos have to go back in the oven for 1 or 2 more times to get it just right but hey! Cant beat that!

“Signs” is a tribute the vastness of the western United States and its historical Americana style! Pennan Brae came to me with a 50 state license plate collection and a license plated piece of guitar art and said “I want to make a music video with these!”. Ok, Pennan! Ofcourse we can do that! For this video we headed east of Bend Oregon about 24 miles to a place called Millican where the sage brush flats appear to go on forever. The basic theme of the video is: A woman is on the lamb and she is using up her license plates as she goes. Eventually she is left with none and her journey must come to an end……well, I’ll just let you watch and figure it out!
Anyway big thanks to my grip Robert Slaney and my lovely wife Yuvia Storm who plays the cute little gangster vixen! 18 ft Kessler Crane in action quite a bit!

Shot on the canon 5D & 7D

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