onboard LED battery powered light for DSLR

I have struggled to find the right LED on-camera light for the canon 7d and the canon 5d. the original one I purchased had trouble with pulsing that would show up on camera in lighted subjects. THat was the Bescor .
BESCOR 50W since discontinued.
here is the music video I shot on the 7d with these discontinued lights.

pretty shitty! i used a few of them to light the interior of a car at night.
so now I’m trying out the new one and it doesnt seem to have a pulse. we’ll see.

Also on this project I used the Varizoom Car Mount which i thought was a waste of money when i bought it as I was shooting with a Sony EX-1.and the Sony was just to heavy for it. so it spent most of the time in the closet….until I got a Canon DSLR. now i love it! its perfect!


About Tim Cash

My name is Tim Cash. I am a low-budget filmmaker living in Oregon. join me as I test out new gear from Canon DSLR's to our 18ft. Kessler Crane and our cheap shitty dolly I want to throw off a cliff and much much more. we'll be talking about everything in the creative process.
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