I Love my Kessler Crane!

Hey Everybody! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. Just want to show you how amazing this 18 ft. Kessler Crane is with a little talky and some behind-the-scenes from our most recent Music Video: Laurel Brauns “Kaleidoscope Eyes”. Trying really hard to rock some paralax action!

Also, here is a music video we just shot with the Canon 5D Mark II and the Kessler Crane for singer/songwriter Laurel Brauns.


About Tim Cash

My name is Tim Cash. I am a low-budget filmmaker living in Oregon. join me as I test out new gear from Canon DSLR's to our 18ft. Kessler Crane and our cheap shitty dolly I want to throw off a cliff and much much more. we'll be talking about everything in the creative process.
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