The Year in review 2011

Hi everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! 2011 has been a wonderful year. Really interested to see what 2012 brings. Just got finished with my goals and wishes for the year. I like to set my sites fairly high with wishes of a whole new Canon lens arsenal including the 70-200 l series lens and maybe even the 50mm 1.2 oooh! Also planning on adding to my light arsenal with a Keno Flo Dvia kit as well as a Altman 2k. And just a few more weeks and my Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Timelapse Dolly should be here…but oh! Thats right this was the year in review not the year to come. So with that said. 2011 has been lots of fun. I purchased a fixer upper with some acreage at the end of 2010 so 2011 has seen many improvements to the house. We turned an old steel pole barn into my man cave a.k.a. editing suite chill zone. Added quite a few lenses to to the canon arsenal and took on many music video projects as well as a few commercials and spent the first 5 months of the year shooting and editing the documentary Boom Varietal for Rage Productions.

So there is a little of whats been going on. I have definitely grown this year as a filmmaker and learned tons. I only hope I learn as much in the year to come! Thankyou everyone for following this new blog and hope this New Year brings great things to all! Stay tuned for some fun tutorials ,gear reviews and much much more!









About Tim Cash

My name is Tim Cash. I am a low-budget filmmaker living in Oregon. join me as I test out new gear from Canon DSLR's to our 18ft. Kessler Crane and our cheap shitty dolly I want to throw off a cliff and much much more. we'll be talking about everything in the creative process.
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