Sound: Which mic should I buy?

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here to talk to you about SOUND! Sound is the first thing people Chince on! So you are making a (No Budget) short film and you’ve just asked your jobless best friend to hold the microphone because awww Sound isn’t really that important. But then you get all your awesomely shot footage in the computer and “what” all the sound is SHIT. turns out your buddy you had do sound is a meth addict and seems to be constantly twiddling and rubbing his fingers on the boom pole causing hella-interference on the outputted sound. What do you do? well at this point there is only one option:
Dubbing is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on a motion picture or television soundtrack subsequent to the original shooting. The term most commonly refers to the substitution of the voices of the actors shown on the screen by those of different performers, who may be speaking a different language. The procedure was sometimes practised in musicals when the actor had an unsatisfactory singing voice, and remains in use to enable the screening of audio-visual material to a mass audience in countries where viewers do not speak the same language as the original performers. “Dubbing” also describes the process of an actor re-recording lines spoken during filming in order to improve audio quality or reflect dialog changes. This process is called Automated Dialogue Replacement, Additional Dialogue Recording or ADR for short. Music is also dubbed onto a film after editing is completed. -wikipedia

So lets get out and get the cleanest signal possible when we shoot. hope this helps…someone! enjoy!


Shotgun Mic: news gathering/documetary
Sennheiser MKH-416

Hyper cardioid: dramatic feature boom mic

Wireless mic: documentary & reality tv
Sennheiser wireless evolution series wireless mic

Field Recorder:
Tascam dr-100

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About Tim Cash

My name is Tim Cash. I am a low-budget filmmaker living in Oregon. join me as I test out new gear from Canon DSLR's to our 18ft. Kessler Crane and our cheap shitty dolly I want to throw off a cliff and much much more. we'll be talking about everything in the creative process.
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6 Responses to Sound: Which mic should I buy?

  1. kwdickinson says:

    We used to say at film school, you can get away with all sorts on screen if your sound is good. That’s why radio plays still work. But if you have good picture but bad sound your stuff can be unwatchable. Try muting your favourite movie and see how less enjoyable it is.

    Sound is the most important, and often least worked on, part of any shoestring budget movie.

  2. Dan McComb says:

    Hey Tim, great video, I look forward to following your posts. I have almost the identical audio kit that you have: Octava, Sennheiser wireless. Great stuff. Santa was good to me this year and brought me a Sennheiser 8060 shotgun mic which I will be shooting with next week for first time. Quick question: I’m wondering whether the 8060 will be as good for interior booming as Octava, sound wise (handling wise, I’m sure it’s much better than Octava, which requires great care to handle without introducing noise). Any idea based on what you’ve heard about this mic?

    • Tim Cash says:

      sorry for the delayed reply. that is a great mic! I like the Octavia for dramatic stuff and sit down interviews because from 6-8 inches away its the cleanest signal I’ve gotten. thats the hyper-cardioid sweet spot. with th super cardioid its got more reach and its sweet spot is further out in the 4-6 ft.range. again this is all my opinion and haven’t personally used that mic but from the super cardioid shotguns I’ve worked with this seems to be the case. its all about the polar pattern! hope this helps. thx again for following

  3. xoxo bb says:

    What a great service to filmmakers…rock on:)

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