Is the RED ONE a prehistoric dinosaur already?

YES! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Lets talk about the RED ONE! I’ve had the opportunity to rent and work with the RED ONE on several shoots and honestly except for the fact that it really impresses clients; not by the final product but during production is not a reason to use it. It really looks like a real movie camera! Awesome right! yeah I guess. I’ve been working with the Canon DSLR’S now for the past 2 or so years and love how small they are.(keep in mind when the RED ONE came out DSLR’S werent really shooting video yet) You can go almost anywhere and shoot and not cause a big scene. definitely a poachers camera(canon DSLR). And in my personal opinion which is my own and I’m sharing ….I feel as though I wasted time and money when I shot on the RED ONE. Setups seem to take so much longer and there wasn’t a noticeable enough picture change to warrant the use of it again. (These were notes from my clients).You can’t put it on a crane, atleast not an affordable one. My 5D flies like a bird on the Kessler Crane(5K for a turn key setup). I’d be afraid to put a RED on the end of it for fear that the crane may break in half under the weight. I’m not saying the Canon’s are perfect but think of the value. whats the RED ONE cost with all the fixings. $60,000. Somehwere in the neighborhood with lenses,cards,batteries,matte box,veiwfinder, follow focus and on and on and on. I did sound on a few shoots with the RED direct to the camera without a mixer and you’d think they would have put some audio levels outside somewhere on the thing.They didn’t! You have to press about 8 buttons to even get to the audio levels. arghhhh.

As far as ease of use. well it takes a few minutes to power the thing up. and run and gun…well you can’t really say RED and run and gun in the same sentence. Its like carrying an anvil. Handheld? Bring a back brace! Now I know if you’re shooting a feature film which I’ve never done its the way to go. especially for a 4k projection. I mean even in film festivals though the biggest they go is 1080p digital projection. maybe a few IMAX’s in there somewhere. So unless you have a Blockbuster you’re shooting with a heft budget I just don’t see the point. I’m sure its only a matter of time before we start seeing empty RED ONE shells on the walls of production houses. Like a taxidermy’d bass on the wall of a everglades swamp bar.

Anyway, save your money! I know RED has all new Scarlets and Epics coming out but at this point I’m just so thrilled with how well my Canon 5d is shooting I couldn’t think about replacing her. and what would the step up be?? The Scarlet for 8 times the price. thats a pretty huge jump. I’m not saying there aren’t things I dont like about the Canon’s. I could go on and on..but I only paid $2,200 for it. I’ll leave you with a music video I recently finished shooting on the canon 7D and the 5D. I’ve had a few people ask if it was shot on the RED or on another 4K camera. Nope just my little DSLR’S

UPDATE: I just read this on Philip Bloom’s blog about his experience with the EPIC. YIKES!
I have to say there is nothing that sucks more than gear not working on a shoot.



About Tim Cash

My name is Tim Cash. I am a low-budget filmmaker living in Oregon. join me as I test out new gear from Canon DSLR's to our 18ft. Kessler Crane and our cheap shitty dolly I want to throw off a cliff and much much more. we'll be talking about everything in the creative process.
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One Response to Is the RED ONE a prehistoric dinosaur already?

  1. madhaus7 says:

    Some really good points are made here. I’ve worked on a project once with a RED cam and I was pretty impressed with the presence of the thing. However, I noted that the DP was quivering after most shots because they filmed a lot of the scenes handheld with a shoulder rig. He looked like he’d be crushed some times! I recently picked up a Canon T3i, (I’m a poor student so I got the best consumer DSLR I could nab) and I’m definitely loving it. I worked crew on a feature film shot on several Canon D60’s and the footage turned out phenomenal with some minor color correcting. I would highly recommend DSLR’s to any indie filmmaker that doesn’t have a big budget or Hollywood studio backing. As mentioned in this post, the quality difference is unnoticeable and you’re saving a ton and gaining unheard of flexibility with the lightweight Canon 5D. DSLR’s are putting the best equipment in the hands of indie filmmakers everywhere.

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