Tim Cash grew up in Jacksonville Florida with dreams of making films. In grade school he would shoot movies on his VHS camcorder and edit between 2 VCR’s. but when he was 19 he began to believe what most people had told him.”your dream is not possible!” So he ran! he traveled the world exploring new cultures everywhere and procrastinating. His dream was still in the back of his head he just didn’t know how to pull it off. So he continued to travel.

When Tim returned from SouthEast Asia in 2002 he made the conscious decision to try and follow his dream. At this point technology had just become available to prosumers so Tim saved his money and purchased a canon GL-2 and a Macbook Pro. Never having owned a computer he was completely lost.. He decided to give himself projects to practice and hone his skills.

While in Nepal in 2004 Tim and his parter Yuvia found out about a baby on the way and decided to return to the US and settled in Bend Oregon. Just 3 years later he was making a living doing what he loved. making movies! It all started in the Wedding industry then lead to commercial work,national TV,documentary and music videos.

Over the past 5 year Tim has been a part of many successful projects including the Tele Award winning Outdoor Channel Series “Adventure Guides” which he was a camera-man and editor on. he has directed over 50 music videos. and dozens of state-wide and local commercials.

In 2008 he was the editor on the Award Winning Documentary Back To The Garden a Then and Now piece about the “back To The land Movment”. as well as a camerman and editor on the documentary Boom Varietal about the Argentine Malbec Boom

At this point in his life he is thankful for his family and good fortune and feels that his success is do to being in the right place at the right time! Tim continues to work on projects that inspire him!


8 Responses to Bio

  1. nice to meet you Tim… looking forward to hearing more from you. Happy New Year!! (very cool shot BTW)… all the best…

  2. MicahPuklowski says:

    Thanks for the follow fellow filmmaker! Great cover shot.

  3. looking forward to learn great things here! Awesome!

  4. Alex Elias says:

    Nice bio, congrats for your achievements. Keep it up…
    Alex Elias

  5. i’m inspired, man. i am a writer, but last month, i shot my first short and am now editing it down for a small festival here in SF. if you ever get down here, say the word. a coffee or beer for your advice on how to actually get paid to tell stories. love to hear how you’ve done it.


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