Film Camp

It has been my goal for the past few years to start an all inclusive (all ages) film camp on my property just outside of Bend Oregon. I would take on only 4 students at a time for a full week of intensive hands-on filmmaking. Organic local Food from our garden. Eggs from our free-range chickens. Raw milk from our Cow and meat from a local ranch will be provided free of charge. Lodging will also be included.

The goal of the film camp is to take novice filmmakers and give them a foundation of knowledge to build upon. We will cover the technical side of filmmaking as well as the artistic. I’ve heard stories of intensive workshops where they tell you to go out and find a story. Edit on your own and discuss when you return and thats it. The technical side was never discussed. Which in my opinion is the bones and skeleton of filmmaking. Together we will make a film using the local scenery and actors. and we’ll do it all together! We’l all be the cameraman and see first hand the techniques used to craft a great film.

Topics covered:
*Lighting for film,music videos & documentaries
*prep and planning
*DSLR camera techniques
*learning to use dollies & the crane.
*shooting in the studio (greenscreen techniques)

The plan is to do 8 sessions (4 students per session for 6 days) from June-September. Thats 32 students for the year.
Each session will have a Saturday night film premiere with Q&A with filmmakers! (family welcome!)

Estimated cost of the camp: $2,000/student
If this is something you may be interested in please contact:

On-sight greenhouse

here are some of the amazing locations within an hours drive of the Film Camp:
Pictures from: Pacific Crest Stock Photography


2 Responses to Film Camp

  1. marc lougee says:

    You likely have the coolest location in the world for a film camp, Tim. Great food, too!

  2. Mary Wells says:

    Are you doing any camps this year!

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