Announcing FARfromEARTH Films Westcoast Spring Tour

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. I just booked quite a few music videos in California and decided to go ahead and make a tour of it. So March 10th we head out on the open road for a month to shoot 7 music videos as of right now and possibly adding more to the roster. Tons of incredible artist to capture in a short period of time. I’ve always wanted to go on tour! Tour goes as follows:

Portland Oregon
Acoustic Minds

Arcata, California
Mykal Somer

Ukiah, California

San Francisco, California
Jah Sun & Peetah Morgan
Pennan Brae

Oakland, California
MC Hammer,Too Short & E40

Santa Barbara, California

San Diego, California

Still getting all the dates set in stone!

If you ‘d like to add your band’s music video to the list please contact:

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The Week in Review: 4 Music Videos in 4 days w/ Pennan Brae

What do I say! Tim Cash here! Oregon Filmmaker. I promised to give you all the dirt, well here’s how it went. First off didn’t find out till the last minute but the Anthony B music video shoot was cancelled! Bummer! I had already spent that money on some new gear but whatever. onward and forward!

On Saturday the 21st Pennan Brae arrived in Bend Oregon from Vancouver BC. to shoot 4 music videos in only 4 days. I spent a few weeks prepping and most everything was going pretty easy. Except for one place. Our “Blind Love” video takes place in a strip club but the only one in town isn’t getting back to me. Eventually I got through just days before the shoot and greased the palm of the manager’s hand with some more Benjamins. that Money was already spent but whatever. and luckily the shoot went off without a hitch. We had some amazing and ridiculously hot dancers in Nicole Minteins and Stephanie Gilstrap. They did a great job and I havent seen bikinis that small since 60 minutes did a special on that Brazilian beach town.
Anyway, We were in and out in 4 hours and had a great time. My intern Kylee nailed it on the props and was super organized. That was her first shoot with FARfromEARTH Films. I went home after the shoot and prepped for the following day. Printed my notes. and started compressing the footage. and went to bed.

day 2; I woke up at 6 and in 2 hours had edited a rough cut of yesterdays video for Pennan Brae to see. Pennan Brae “Fling” music video shoot. I think this was my favorite of the 4 videos. before and after we shot it. I’ve never had the chance to try a Black & White Silent film style before but always wanted to. We poached the location till the owner came over but turned out to be super-nice ad was really excited about us being there. which really surprised me considering we had to open and close a gate to sneak in. Anyway, AWESOME! we had a wonderful shoot. great actors and the whole nine! I shot all the singing sequences to a 75% slowed down version of the song. then sped the footage up to 150% to match. this also gives the old film look of the early 20th century stuff where the film moved through the projector at faster speeds. I thought the shoot was a super success! I love the one-location music videos. again we were in and out in 4 hours. Headed home downloaded footage charged batteries and prepped for the following days shoot.

day3:The worst day by far but still a success. I could do no Right! “The Forgotten Man” is a music video dealing with the effects of alzeimers. We were set to film up on Awbrey Butte in Bend Oregon. As I drove towards the location the snow got wetter and wetter and eventually got to the point where I couldn’t get up the hill to the location. Luckily my grip Rob Slaney was towing the piano for the singing shots behind his huge 4 wheel drive truck and I was able to put most equipment in his trailer. off we headed a half an hour late. Talent would be arriving in a few minutes and we don’t have anything setup at all. Big wet flakes were coming down and Rob had to setup the crane outside while I began setting up lights inside. We had so much natural light coming in I just decided to fill with 2 250’s w/ blue gels and balance for daylight. Then POP! A light blows and I realized just how much I needed it. So I spent the next 20 minutes trying to pry what was left of the light out of the can with a heavy set of plyers. It was frustrating. If I had more lights I coulda just popped another in there. Plus I’ve been wanting to pick up 3 Arri 150’s they are great for beaming in small bursts of light from a distance. By this point Rob had the crane ready for our window shot. and I realized as soon as i looked through the monitor it wasn’t going to work. I needed a polarizer to cut through the glare of the window. add that to the wishlist. We moved inside and shot our big scene and our actors nailed it and really had me tearing up. We wraped the location and eaded to a park i bend right on the deschutes in downtown. we got our feet soaked in standing water getting our crane and a heavy piano to the spot to film. I setup my shot and ad suddenly the crane monitor went dead. I thought it was the moisture and just couldnt seem to a get a signal from camera to the monitor. I got livid at this point and began to throw what psychiatrist would call a bit of a tantrum. We flew blind for a few shots then wrapped it up and went home.

note: in real weather you can always get the most epic shots but almost always you have gear malfunctions. thats just te way it is when you mix electronics ad wet weather.

day 4: The “Signs” music video shoot. Had the chance to sleep in a bit on the 4th and last day. On this one my beautiful wife Yuvia Storm would be playing the starlet along side Pennan Brae. We headed east into the high desert. setup the crane in a giant sagebrush flat ad started filming. we got some amazing stuff right off the bat and everything was going just perfect. one little thing wet wrong. the crane! again! not so much the crae but the little HDMI to mini-HDMI cable seems to be having an issue. same problem as yesterday but we’ve now troubleshot it to this one little cable from BEST BUY! Add tat one to the gear list and we are set. We wrapped this one just after sunset and headed home with excitement welling up to edit!

So thats pretty much it. It was a pleasure to work with Pennan Brae again. and we plan on doing more projects together in the near future! I’m deep in the editing session now and will be posting the videos to the blog here very soon. Stay tuned to for my first motion timelapse test. thanks everyone for following!

On location at Jim’s Junction outside of Redmond Oregon shooting “Fling” music video

Me with my talented actors for the “Fling” music video

On Location in Bend Oregon for “The Forgotten Man” music video shoot

My grip Robert Slaney and I On location in Millican Oregon for the “Signs’ music video shoot

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The “Not So Easy” Art of Music Video Making

Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! This week for me has been a bit of a stressful one! I’ve been prepping for 5 music videos all to be shot this week. 4 of which are for Canadian artist Pennan Brae. And 1 for reggae superstar Anthony B and northwest local Essential I. The prep involved for the 4 Pennan Brae shoots has been extra difficult with tons of props,locations and one is even a 1920’s b&w silent film style; so throw period piece in there as well. One of the videos is to be shot in a local strip club but do to some scheduling issues is now up in the air as they are looking for an employee to look over the place while we’re shooting.and ofcourse no one wants to work on Sunday morning especially in a strip club. so I’m crossing my fingers at this point. Alot is riding on that one employee. I’ve got over a 1,500 dollars in talent and props invested in the day and at this point it might not happen. Argghh!

The other 3 Pennan Brae videos seem to be set in stone and ready to rock.

As far as the Anthony B video, well thats a whole other story. Anthony B is famous in the reggae world and is on tour right now. Its hard for him to give us a time when he is available, which I totally understand. So for the past few days its been a scheduling issue as we only get one chance. Shooting in Portland on Saturday. but dont know when. could be a night shoot(lights and generators…more setup time)…could be a day shoot(hoping for). Both would require different locations and another crux: we may only have Anthony B for 15 minutes. double arghhh! Also been trying to arrange some extras(Portland Ocuppiers) but not knowing when the talent is going to be available makes it hard to schedule tons of extras holding picket signs. Its hard to give a video production value when you have no idea when or how long. and I’ve gotten to work in this situation a few times before so I am a bit familiar. but I never get used to it!

All that said, I’m super thankful for my life as a Music Video Director and the opportunities I’ve had to work with such incredible talent. Sometimes it can just get a little stressful.

here are 3 examples:

2009: Swedish Grammy Award Winner Promoe on the left with the red scarf. we had him for 15 minutes

2010: Italian Reggae Sensation Alborosie: maybe had him for a hour and a half between 2 cities in total

2007: waited outside Kymani Marley’ tour bus for 2 hours at a festival for 2 minutes with him.

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My Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly has arrived!

Tim Cash Oregon filmmaker here! I am so excited! My Stage Zero Dollie has just arrived! it took me less than 15 minutes to get it all together and I was dollying away! It actually turned out to be easier than I thought. The videos they provide on their site are great and the only thing I found confusing was the “Shoot move Shoot mode” which I’ll be using more than anything.but once i got into the MX2 controls was easier than I thought! I’m still trying to figure out what to use as support. right now I’m cross-contaminatig with the Kessler K-Pod and Hercules head. which is great when one end of the rail is on the ground. but centered I’ve noticed the weight when the camera reaches an end bends a few degrees. I also have it setup where I can use C-stands but if you are doing any kind of un-even ground shooting its not the way to go, so I’ll probably put in an order today for the Induro Akb2 tripods that Dynamic Perception recommends. Unfortunately this week is so busy I cant put too much time into getting epic timelapses. Its also been raining non-stop here for the past few days. anyway look for a motion timelapse video from me very soon. I am so excited!

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Sound: Which mic should I buy?

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here to talk to you about SOUND! Sound is the first thing people Chince on! So you are making a (No Budget) short film and you’ve just asked your jobless best friend to hold the microphone because awww Sound isn’t really that important. But then you get all your awesomely shot footage in the computer and “what” all the sound is SHIT. turns out your buddy you had do sound is a meth addict and seems to be constantly twiddling and rubbing his fingers on the boom pole causing hella-interference on the outputted sound. What do you do? well at this point there is only one option:
Dubbing is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on a motion picture or television soundtrack subsequent to the original shooting. The term most commonly refers to the substitution of the voices of the actors shown on the screen by those of different performers, who may be speaking a different language. The procedure was sometimes practised in musicals when the actor had an unsatisfactory singing voice, and remains in use to enable the screening of audio-visual material to a mass audience in countries where viewers do not speak the same language as the original performers. “Dubbing” also describes the process of an actor re-recording lines spoken during filming in order to improve audio quality or reflect dialog changes. This process is called Automated Dialogue Replacement, Additional Dialogue Recording or ADR for short. Music is also dubbed onto a film after editing is completed. -wikipedia

So lets get out and get the cleanest signal possible when we shoot. hope this helps…someone! enjoy!


Shotgun Mic: news gathering/documetary
Sennheiser MKH-416

Hyper cardioid: dramatic feature boom mic

Wireless mic: documentary & reality tv
Sennheiser wireless evolution series wireless mic

Field Recorder:
Tascam dr-100

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The $20 Dollar Light Kit

Hey Everybody! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here to talk about lighting…..again. There are a million and one ways to light a scene from simple, elegant and easy to extreme, difficult and complicated. As I started doing tutorials I realized not all of my followers have expensive lights and or can afford them. So I headed down to Lowes and bought $20 dollars worth of lighting gear to see exactly what I could do with near nothing. This lighting tutorial is the result! I really hope you enjoy! thanks again everyone for watching and reading. Please comment and send me your show ideas!

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How to Light with Christmas Lights for DSLR’S

Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. Lets talk lighting for DSLR’s! Lighting to me is the funnest and one of the most challenging parts of filmmaking. Its everything! Here’s something cool you can do for only $12. Its always fun to play tricks on the eyes and one of the best ways especially with the amazing shallow depth of feild we can get with the dslr’s is using christmas lights. Yes christmas lights! Here’s the deal; if you just shot christmas lights in focus yeah that would be weird?! but if you always shot them out of focus and at different distances with a package that keeps them symetrical well then…now your talking! You can create what looks like a big budget affect with not much work at all. Hope you enjoy the video!

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