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Oregon Filmmaker at NAB in Las Vegas

Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here. ok, I’m doing it . I’m buying my ticket to Vegas and I’m hoping to meet the who’s who of the industry. test some new gear and make a bunch of new friends. Who’s coming … Continue reading

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Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly Review

Hello Again everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Sorry I’ve been crazy busy editing these 4 music videos for canadian artist Pennan Brae so I haven’t had a spare second to put together much of a show or tutorial. But…while … Continue reading

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prepping for the new Mini-Soundstage

Hey everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! I’ve dreamt for many years of having my own studio to shoot in. Something big enough for full body green,black,white screen shooting and a grid to hang lights from. Typically I rent from … Continue reading

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The Week in Review: 4 Music Videos in 4 days w/ Pennan Brae

What do I say! Tim Cash here! Oregon Filmmaker. I promised to give you all the dirt, well here’s how it went. First off didn’t find out till the last minute but the Anthony B music video shoot was cancelled! … Continue reading

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The Year in review 2011

Hi everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! 2011 has been a wonderful year. Really interested to see what 2012 brings. Just got finished with my goals and wishes for the year. I like to set my sites fairly high with … Continue reading

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Music Videos by Oregon Filmmaker Tim Cash

Hi Everybody! happy all-most New Year! 2011 was a great year for me and FARfromEARTH Films and we’re really excited about the upcoming year! We are going to shoot a few more blog shows this week so we’ll be posting … Continue reading

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DSLR Beginner Lighting Techniques Tutorial

Hey Everyone! Tim Cash Oregon Filmmaker here! Wish I had more time to make this one better but…paid gigs are calling! Anyway , here is a quick lighting tutorial and an effect I sometimes like to use in the Music … Continue reading

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